Advertising/Digital services

Breach and Buckler offers you a wide range of digital services to meet your business and personal needs. We offer the following services; • Digital flyers and brochures • Website design • Email marketing design • Creative graphics design • Newsletter distribution • Social media management • Search engine optimization
''It’s art if it can’t be explained. It’s fashion if no one asks for an explanation. It’s design if it doesn’t need explanation'' - Andrew Lewis


We manage broadcast media content initiatives such as: • Motion picture production and reviews • Production Management • Television campaigns • Content creation • Movie Marketing
When nothing goes RIGHT, just go LEFT.

Brand Development

At Breach and Buckler, we bring innovative thinking to life by putting together creative minds, concepts and designs. Your brand identity speaks louder than words and we are here to position you as a market leader. We offer creative logo design, brand collateral design and brochure design. We also offer interactive sales and marketing presentation designs for your business development and pitches.
''A picture is worth a thousand words. An interface is worth a thousand pictures'' - Ben Schneiderman


We offer creative and effective advertising solutions. Advertising is a powerful tool. Be careful where you point it. We offer creative advertising design, advertisement conceptualization, advertising audience engagement and media buying. We create and maximize all advertising channels suitable for you ranging from • Print • Online/Digital • Broadcast

Social Media

With social media, you have the power to take your business right into the homes, offices and every location of your target market. We realize the importance of social media in business growth and we are ready to work with you in getting to the right audience at the right time. We offer creation and management of social campaigns, social media marketing, Influencer engagement and outreach, advertising and marketing content creation and execution.
''If you weren't embarrassed about your product when you launched it, then you launched it too late.'' - 8en

Talent Management

We use the media and other touch points as platforms to promote talents’ work and craft. Including but not limited to the following: • Music launches and entertainment initiatives • Digital and Social Entertainment • Entertainment and Red Carpet Events • Talent representation and PR • Brand development and management • Advisory

Media Engagement

With our robust and far-reaching media relations in diverse sectors, we help cultivate brand specific and relevant media personnel, communicate your brand message via the most suitable platforms and reach your target audience with the most effective messages.